PURPOSE: The Cornwall Leadership Institute exists to improve leader effectiveness.

We custom-design leadership development experiences, to include offsite meetings, retreats, and in-depth programs situated inside companies. 

Want to be a better leader?  Want to build a better organization?  Let’s talk.


Our base of operations is the town of Cornwall, New York, in the historic Hudson Highlands along the banks of the Hudson River. It is from here that we are launching a movement of leaders deeply committed to: (1) being all that they can be and (2) building extraordinary teams and organizations that make a positive contribution.

CORE VALUES (who we are). We:

  • consistently do the right thing and put the needs of the mission and our team members above our own needs,
  • act as catalysts for creating shared visions of a positive future,
  • bring to bear the full talent of our teams in making progress on difficult problems and moving towards our shared vision,
  • spur on our teams to be creative and innovative with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for the organization and our team members,
  • and we challenge and support the individuals around us to reach their full potential.

STRATEGY: We live our purpose by connecting, equipping, and inspiring leaders–and being a catalyst for conversation about leading and building exceptional teams and organizations. 

PRACTICES (How we enact and bring our purpose, values, and strategy to life):

  • Leadership Foundations: A world-class learning experience for people who want to be more effective leaders (find out more)
  • Leader Jams (conversations) on important leadership topics
  • CLI Newsletter to capture and share what we are learning
  • Book discussions
  • Annual Leader Summit: a gathering designed to connect, equip, and inspire leaders who, in turn, do the same for others

A WORD ABOUT CONVERSATION AND REFLECTION: Together, we are on a mission to be the best leaders we can be. We believe leaders develop and become more effective to the degree that they thoughtfully weave together practice and theory, experience and new knowledge. Connecting in conversation about our experiences supercharges that process. Conversation serves as reflection, infuses feedback, and yields new knowledge. It is fundamental to learning and to becoming the best leaders we can be. 

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