Eisenhower  Eisenhower Box (Urgent vs Important)

This two-page article with exercise prompts is designed to do with your team. Read the article and then work through the prompts together. This approach to managing priorities is foundational to exceptional leadership and is a mark of high-performing organizations.

CLI Goal Setting 201 (with 7GSQ) (PDF)

This three-page article reviews the key research on goal setting and invites you to put it into practice.  Included with the article is the “7GSQ” — a worksheet with seven goal-setting questions designed to help you think more deeply about your important goals.

CLI Envisioned Future Exercise (PDF)

This two-page document introduces a game-changing process for leaders to envision the future and to begin clarifying the path to get there.  It is powerful for individuals and even more so for leaders to do with their teams.

CLI Reflective Journaling for Leaders (PDF)

This three-page document introduces leaders to the practice of reflective journaling and includes 21 prompts proven to be valuable for leaders to journal about.  This is an excellent tool for leaders to practice on their own; it is also a tool leaders can use to great benefit with their teams.

Transformational Leadership: A Great Place To Begin (PDF)

This essay provides an introduction to Transformational Leadership Theory and the different styles of leadership on the Full Range Leadership model (Avolio & Bass, 1991). A thorough grounding in this theory provides a strong foundation upon which leaders can build and is a great place to begin.