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Book of the Quarter (Apr-Jun 2017)

GreatbyChoiceGreat by Choice, by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen.  We will be reading and tweeting and talking about the book over the next couple of months.  Check out the Twitter hashtag, #GreatbyChoice.

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Some Highlights:

  • Our inaugural “Leadership Foundations” program finished February 24th and was a great success.  Our next program will begin in the Fall and will be limited to 8 participants.  Go here to find out more and sign up.
  • I AM A NY LEADER!  In conjunction with Leadership Foundations, we are slowly rolling out the NY Leader Forum (www.nyleaderforum.com), which is a place for leaders to connect with each other in conversation about leading and growing extraordinary teams and organizations.  Think grass-roots, peer-to-peer conversation that supercharges our development as authentic, transformational leaders. 
  • Weekly Leader Jams: When we think about a “jam,” we picture a cool band having an informal jam session. Instead of music, we are improvising together in conversation about leadership. Join the conversation.
  • We had the honor of contributing to the Sullivan County Wellness Coordinator Training event on April 7th.  Given the high stakes involved when it comes to health and well-being, this was an incredibly meaningful experience.  
  • We had an absolute blast with 40 teacher-leaders in the Monticello, NY school district in February talking about leadership and what leading looks like in their context. 
  • We enjoyed an evening with Sullivan Renaissance February 1st exploring the process whereby members of the community move from the “periphery to the core” in terms of their engagement, contribution, and commitment.
  • We facilitated a meaningful leadership workshop with the always-forward Cornwall Public Library staff on Tuesday, January 17th.  
  • We had the privilege of participating in the 6th Annual Leadership Summit at Bethel Woods on Tuesday, October 18th… More

Positive.  Inspired.  Energized.

Book of the Quarter (Jan-Mar 2017) 

multiplierscoverOur last featured “Book of the Quarter” was Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, by Liz Wiseman, with Greg McKeown and Foreword by the late Stephen R. Covey.    

“The book Multipliers explains why some leaders create genius all around them while others drain intelligence and capability from an organization.” 

For a recap, check out the Twitter hashtag #multipliers.

What a fantastic book for leaders to read with their teams!

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