Welcome to the Cornwall Leadership Institute (CLI)

Founded 2016, home of The Groove Expedition™

At the Cornwall Leadership Institute, we see leadership as an expedition. We help equip and inspire mission-driven leaders and their teams to discern, pursue, and reach their most meaningful objectives.

You have a crucial mission, and you relentlessly seek excellence in service to our Nation. Thank you. Consider CLI your leadership basecamp—a place where you reflect, equip, and plan the next leg of the expedition.

Live your mission. Lead well.

Core Programs

1. CLI “Leadership and the Organization” (our flagship 5-day course)

2. CLI “How I Lead” (our 3-day course)

3. Leader Retreat and Planning Workshops (organizational offsites)

4. Coaching (for small groups and individuals)

Our programs are designed for U.S. mission-driven leaders who relentlessly seek excellence in service to our Nation (for example, military and law enforcement leaders).

For inquiries about these programs, reach out to us via the Contact page.

Join CLI

Leaders who have experienced one of our programs are invited to join CLI at no cost. With your membership, you receive our monthly newsletter and gain access to The Groove Expedition,™ Knowledge Caches, and other custom resources we are creating to serve you.